BEES! brings interactive fun & learning to visitors of all ages.

This bilingual (English/French) exhibit offers an immersive and engaging experience for families. Get up close and personal with a queen bee, her egg, and larvae in a giant honeycomb model. Test your bee knowledge on the BEE ID Spinner, try doing a Waggle Dance, or do research at the Bee-Search Station.

Exhibit topics include indigenous bees, beekeeping equipment, bee products, and bees in popular culture.

Gain a newfound respect for this sophisticated insect and an understanding of how bee health is an indicator of the health of our environment.

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Produced by Museum of Surrey in collaboration with Honeybee Centre with assistance from the Government of Canada.

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Big Idea: Bee health and diversity reflect the impact of human actions on the environment.

Primary Audience: Families with children aged 4–14

Exhibit Themes:
• Public View (Myths and Truths)
• Bees
• Beekeepers
• Conservation (Call to Action)

Exhibit Components:
Sustainable design using low chemical, recycled, or reused materials.
• Immersive design
• 70 freestanding display birch panels with title and theme zone light boxes
• Bee and beekeeping graphics, photographs, and archival images
• Beekeeping artifacts
• Videos & photographs

• Climb-Through Honeycomb Model
• Bee I.D. Spinner
• Hive Interactive
• Live Hive Cam
• Hive Slides
• Waggle Dance
• Bee-Search Station

Exhibition Details

Languages: English, French
Rental Fee:
$30,000 CDN 
Shipping Cost:
Minimum Rental Period: 
Under 5,000 sq ft / 465 sq m
Security Level:
Number of Crates:
Total Crated Weight:

Original Objects:
Interactives: Yes
Supplementary Materials:
Education, Press Kit

For more information, please contact:

Lending Organization: Museum of Surrey, British Columbia
Contact Person: Colleen Sharpe, Curator of Exhibits
Telephone: +1-604-592-6959
Website: Museum of Surrey

Ken Seiling Waterloo Region Museum
Waterloo, ON
Winter/Spring 2024

Available in 2024 and beyond