Jane Jones: Cultivating the Dutch Tradition in The 21st Century

Jane Jones: Cultivating the Dutch Tradition in The 21st Century

Cultivating the Dutch Tradition: While Jane Jones possesses a deep concern about the disruption of the balance of nature, she maintains a sense of hope from the everyday triumphs and beauty in nature. Her paintings embody a 21st-century sensibility of concern yet hope about destructive forces that put nature in peril and this layer has the transformative effect of elevating her paintings into prayers . . . reverent prayers for the botanical health of the world. Jane Jones explores flowers in exquisite detail. She also explores their fragility and their metaphysics. Her paintings celebrate beauty, but they also reveal the necessity to protect flowers.

While Jane Jones has been a life-long student of 17th-century Dutch floral painting, she takes a contemporary stylistic approach to her own work through a spare composition that excludes extraneous details of the external world in order to focus on a moment of elegance, harmony, and dignity. Her paintings have won numerous national awards including the Award of Excellence in Blossoms ~ Art of Flowers which premiered at the Naples Museum of Art in 2011 and the Floral Award in the Annual Exhibition of the International Guild of Realism in 2013 and 2018. She is the author of Classic Still Life Painting and is represented by galleries in Boston, Denver, Santa Fe, and Scottsdale.

Languages: English, French, Dutch
Rental Costs: Priced According to Duration of Display
Shipping Costs: Additional
Insurance: Additional for in-transit
Minimum Rental Period: 8 weeks
Size: Under 5,000 sq ft / 465 sq m
Availability: 2022 and beyond
Security Level: Medium
Number of Crates:
Total Crated Weight:
Original Objects:  25 Floral Paintings in Oil on Canvas and Board
Special Requirements: requires approximately 2000 sq ft (610 sq m)
Supplementary Materials: Exhibition DVD for registration, retail merchandise, press. Lecture, gallery walk, docent training possible
pending scheduling.

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