Decoding E-Money

Decoding E-Money

Immerse yourself in the world of e-money. Discover how it fulfills our needs and fits into the evolution of money. Watch the voyage of your dollars from purchase to deposit through various traditional and e-payment systems. Learn about a whole new kind of money as cutting-edge graphics and fun, interactive displays introduce you to the high-tech intricacies of Bitcoin and other web-based currencies. Explore more than 60 artifacts covering the way Canadians have spent their money over the course of 200 years. From trading tokens to the most recent precursors of today’s e-money, these artifacts at one time challenged our notions of acceptance much the way that Bitcoin challenges us today.


Languages: French, English
Rental Cost: Under $5,000 (USD)
Shipping Cost: Inbound, one-way
Insurance: Additional
Minimum Rental Period: 12 weeks
Size: Under 5000 sq ft / 465 sq m
Availability: 2020 and beyond
Security Level: Moderate
Number of Crates:
Total Crated Weight:
Original Objects:
Interactives: several interactive modules: Mining Bitcoin Game, Interactive timeline, animated video on Bitcoin, Payment Card System with interactive map, interactive quiz.
Special Requirements:
Supplementary Materials: Educational materials



For more information, please contact:

Lending Organization: Bank of Canada Museum
Contact Person: Louise-Anne Laroche, Project Manager
Telephone: +1-613-782-8050
Email: travellingexhibits(at)