Anthropology & Social History

This section features exhibits that examine human culture, civilization and historical events.


TitleDescriptionSizeCostLoaning Institution or Company
1867: Rebellion & ConfederationExplores the route to nationhood taken by a society in transition, and by the people who fought, negotiated and made compromises to forge a more peaceable union.325 to 540 sq. ft.$3000 + shipping.Canadian Museum of History
Alberta & the Great War Not yet ten years old at the start of the war, the province of Alberta played a significant role within the Canadian war effort. Historical memorabilia such as photographs, letters and newspapers transport the visitor to the Great War era.37 linear feetExhibit rental cost is FREE. Freight and shipping costs the responsibility of the booking venue.Provincial Archives of Alberta
Arresting ImagesProvides a unique perspective on the social history of Ontario in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and the practices of early policing in Ontario. The emerging use of photographic portraits as a police identification tool is also explored.1000 sq. ft.$500 + shipping.The OPP Museum
Arts of China, TheChinese history, culture, and classic traditions come to life through the exploration of three materials closely associated with China: jade, bronze, and ceramics.800 sq. ft.$2500 for an 8 week rental, + shippingRoyal Ontario Museum
Call for Justice - Fighting for Japanese Canadian Redress (1977-1988), AThis exhibit tells a story of human rights and the perseverence of the Japanese Canadian community as they fought for redress over 40 years.Flexible; approx. 1000 sq. ft.$1,000 + shippingNikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre
Canada at PlayThis exhibition takes a look at our favourite games and toys over the past 130 years.500 sq. ft.$1200 for an 8 week period, + shippingRoyal Ontario Museum
Decoding E-MoneyWhat is e-money? Is it easy to use as credit cards, debit cards or online credits? Where do things like Bitcoin fit in? Expect cutting-edge interactives, eye-opening descriptive graphics and an innovative, open-ended format that will accommodate the ongoing updates an evolving subject like e-money will require. Educational programming plus related marketing materials are also provided.1000 - 1500 sq. ft.$4500 for a 12 week loan plus one-way shipping.Bank of Canada Museum
Echoes in the Ice: Finding Franklin's ShipUsing artifact, images, audiovisual presentations and art, this exhibit examines Arctic exploration while decoding the mysteries of the ill-fated 1845 Franklin Expedition. Recent Parks Canada photographs and videos from the discovery of the HMS Erebus.1500 to 2000 sq. ft. (140 to 185 sq. m)$9300 per three month period + shipping and taxes.Canada Science and Technology Museum
Enemy Aliens: Internment in Canada 1914-1920During and immediately aft er the First World War, Canada interned 8,579 people identifi ed as “enemy aliens”. Using graphic panels
with photographs drawn from Canadian archival collections, the exhibition explore the experiences of the internees: who they were,
the conditions they endured and the legacy they left behind.
325 to 540 linear feet$2000Canadian Museum of History
Freemasonry: A History Hidden in Plain SightAn exhibit to promote the knowledge, appreciation and understanding of Masonic history, and Freemasonry’s influence upon our society today.1200 sq. ft.Range of $500 to $1500/mth for a min. 3 month period, + shipping.Bruce County Museum
Fighting in Flanders: Gas. Mud. Memory.The 2D and 3D versions of the exhibition help visitors learn more about the experiences of Canadian soldiers in Belgium. Both versions explore life on the battlefield, with an overview of how commemoration of the war has evolved in Belgium and Canada over the past century.325 to 540 sq. ft. or 1200 to1500 sq. ft.Non-artifact version financed.
Artifact version, $15 000 (incl. shipping).
Canadian War Museum
Footprints: A Walk Through GenerationsAn exhibit that introduces the audience to the rich culture of the Eeyou through the traditional way of travelling. Through sensory immersion, visitors will be introduced to the vast territory of Eeyou Istchees, Land of the Cree; and understand that walking teaches values such as building strength, endurance and respecting the many teachings of our Elders.900 sq. ft. with flexible layoutContact for details.Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute
From Vimy to JunoDeveloped in participation with the Vimy Foundation, this exhibition examines Canada’s role in the First and Second World Wars, anchored on the Battle of Vimy Ridge in April 1917 and the D-Day landings on Juno Beach in June 1944.Approx. 500 sq.ft.Free for a two week loan period. Additional time negotiable.Juno Beach Centre Association
Gift of the NileThe Nile River Valley of 5,000 years ago was the birthplace of a remarkable civilization. Protected from foreign invasion by vast deserts and sustained by fertile soil along the river, the ancient Egyptians developed from a simple agricultural community into a sophisticated society. 1000 sq. ft.$2500 for an 8 week rental, + shipping.Royal Ontario Museum
Hockey: More Than Just a GameThis engaging exhibition explores the importance and influence of hockey over the past 100 years, and brings the history of the sport to life through profiles of participants at both the professional and amateur levels.750 - 1100 sq. ft.$5000 (shipping included) + insurance.Canadian Museum of History
In the MoneyFrom the mulberry-based paper money of Ming Dynasty China to Canada’s shiny polymer notes, this exhibition highlights the initiative, inventiveness and skill that have made today’s bank notes easy to use and difficult to counterfeit.1000 to 1500 sq. ft. $3,000/month rental fee
(tax incl.) for min. 3 month period, + shipping. Technical support provided.
Bank of Canada Museum
Iroquois BeadworkThe exhibition consists of about 20 pieces from the ROM’s collections, and is accompanied by an exciting school case which allows visitors to discover many aspects of Iroquois culture by examining beaded objects made today and in the past. 800 to 1000 sq. ft.$2500 for an 8 week period. Shipping cost additional.Royal Ontario Museum
Kids Celebrate!Helps children discover the importance and diversity of celebrations in Canada. It provides them with a stimulating exploration of the celebrations that bring families together, and gives children a sense of belonging and caring for others. Visitors can explore 12 celebrations through the seasons – from large groups of people gathering for a day of festivities, to special moments in children’s everyday lives.1200 to 1500 sq. ft.$15 000 (shipping included).Canadian Museum of History
Lace Up!This two-dimensional exhibition on the history of skating is ideal for a small or non-traditional exhibition space. Borrowing venues may also want to add their own related collections to supplement the story and give the show local flavour.325 to 540 sq. ft.$3000 + shipping.Canadian Museum of History
Marimekko, With LoveFounded in 1951, Marimekko not only sparked an international revolution in post-WWII pattern and textile production but captured a new philosophy based on the power of design in everyday life.
In Canada, a groundbreaking design studio called Karelia introduced Marimekko and contemporary Finnish design to international audiences. Objects in the exhibition are primarily drawn from Karelia’s collections and archives.
FlexibleContact loaning institution for more information.Textile Museum of Canada
Mijiim: Traditional Foods of the Lake of the Woods AnishinaabegIn partnership with iskatewizaagegan No. 39 Independent First Nation and the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Manitoba, focuses on miijim - food - and its importance to the body, mind, soul and heart of the Anishinaabeg.
500 sq. ft.$1000 + shipping and taxes for minimum of 8 weeksLake of the Woods Museum
Ni'n Na L'Nu: the Mi'kmaq of Prince Edward IslandMi’kmaq have been on Prince Edward Island for thousands of years. Across hundreds of generations their history has been one of
adaptation and perseverance. The environment is far from what it was millennia ago; and so too the society, lifestyle, language and religion
of the people has shifted. Yet, despite all the changes, today’s Mi’kmaq feel deeply connected to their ancestors and the values they share.
1500 sq. ft.$3000Canadian Museum of History
Once Upon a TimeShowcasing life during the years 1000 to 1500 AD. Thirty storyboards feature all aspects of medieval life. Twelve display cases featuring architectural models, tools, a market stall and a full-size knight.Contact for infoContact for inforBruce County Museum
Ornamenting the OrdinaryLearn about the artistic styles, craftsmanship, and craft traditions of South Asia's many culturally diverse regions. Accompanied by an exciting interactive school case which explores the ancient Indus Valley civilization, images of gods and goddesses, the architecture of the Taj Mahal, cotton-dyeing techniques and more.800 sq. ft.$2500 for an 8 week rental, + shipping.Royal Ontario Museum
Picturing Arctic ModernityEloquently documents the thoughts, concerns, memories and observations of the people of Nunavut during a time of social upheaval.200 - 220 linear feet$15 000 (shipping included) + insurance.Canadian Museum of History
Play Hard, Fight Hard: Sports and the Canadian MilitaryProduced by Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, in partnership with the Army Museum of Alberta, this exhibit explores the relationship between sports and military service dating back to the First World war. Over 200 artefacts across fourteen sports will be featured as well as personal stories of Canada's Sports Hall of Fames's Honoured Members who proudly served in all branches of the military.1000 sq. ft.$2000 for minimum 12 week rental, + shipping and insurance.Army Museum of Alberta and Canada's Sports Hall of Fame
Portraits of the NorthManitoba artist Gerald Kuehl’s stunning graphite pencil drawings go beyond mere portraits to capture his subjects’ very essence. Accompanied by compelling biographies from oral accounts and stories shared with the artist, these storied faces provide valuable insights into the history of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis Elders.184 linear feet$1500/mth. for a minimum 2 month loan, + shipping.The Manitoba Museum
Snapshots of CanadaExploring unforgettable moments in our history, the indoor version of the travelling exhibition Snapshots of Canada pairs compelling images with texts by well-known authors, journalists and historians. Images ranging from high drama to simple joy are tangible reminders of the triumphs, failures and sacrifices that have shaped our country.200 linear feet$3000 (shipping included) + insurance.Canadian Museum of History
SnowMore than 50 ethno-historical objects, archival documents, and works of art; a backdrop and costumes inspired by photographic studios of the 19th century, inviting visitors to take period photos of themselves; and French and English full-colour catalogues.1500 sq. ft.$15 000 (shipping included).Canadian Museum of History
Terry Fox: Running to the Heart of CanadaOn April 12, 1980, a young athlete from British Columbia named Terry Fox who had lost his right leg to cancer, dipped his artificial limb in the Atlantic Ocean. So began the Marathon of Hope, his run across Canada to raise money for cancer research.325 to 450 sq. ft.$3000 + shippingCanadian Museum of History
UpheavalUpheaval is an ambitious exhibition which makes a foray into emblematic social movements of our times, each a staging ground for upheavals, gathered from the four corners of the globe. It provides the public with tools for understanding contemporary issues and examines the origins of these movements.This project is a collaboration with Esperamos, a Montréal film production company founded in 2005 by filmmaker Hugo Latulippe. 8600 sq. ft. (800 square meters)Contact for detailsMusée de la civilisation
Vikings: Master Mariners, Traders, Colonists and Artisans, TheAddresses the issue of stereotypes, using evidence on Viking activities in North America and Europe to replace Hollywood’s damaging portrayal with the truth. The exhibit includes text, illustrations, and artefact replicas from many of Viking sites in northern Europe and the temporary settlement at L’Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, coupled with items from Inuit camps in Canada’s high Arctic islands.700 to 1000 sq. ft.$1000/mth. for a minimum 2 month loan, + shipping.The Manitoba Museum
VodouVodou explores the history, spirituality and practice of Haitian Vodou, from the perspective of Haitian Vodouists themselves. Developed by the Canadian Museum of History (CMH), in collaboration with the Foundation for the Preservation, Promotion and Production of Haitian Cultural Works (FPVPOCH). Offered via Museums Partner.Contact for details.Contact for details.Museums Partner
Voices From the EngraverExperience the creative process, the technical skill and the sheer artistry that underlies every series of Canadian stamps and bank notes from concept to final product. 1000 sq. ft.Starting at $4500Canadian Museum of History
We Were Taught Differently: The Indian Residential School ExperienceExamines the Indian residential school experience, most particularly in the two schools that were located in Kenora, Ontario - Cecilia Jeffrey and St. Mary’s. Powerful images, text, video, archival material and personal recollections combine to tell the story of why residential schools were established, what life in the schools was like, the legacy of the schools, the recent settlement agreement, and Government and church apologies. Exhibit Catalogues Available.500 sq. ft.$1000 + shipping and taxes for minimum of 8 weeks.Lake of the Woods Museum
What Lies Beneath: Canadian Shipwrecks of Lake SuperiorTells the largely undocumented story of the many ships that have been wrecked upon one of the world's most dangerous lakes for navigation.600 – 1200 sq. ft. (depending upon configuration)$600 for 12 weeks, + shippingThunder Bay Museum
Witness: Canadian Art of the First World WarFeatures works that have never before been publicly displayed, from large canvases painted in British studios during and immediately after the war, to small, personal drawings and sketches produced in the trenches and in prisoner-of-war camps.400 linear feet$24 000 (shipping included).Canadian War Museum
Vimy - Battle, Memorial, Icon.For Canadians, Vimy Ridge is layered with multiple meanings: a bloody battlefield victory at the height of the First World War in France, the site of Canada’s best-known memorial to the conflict, and a symbol of evolving nationhood. This new graphic presentation richly illustrates these three themes on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the battle and the 150th anniversary of Canadian confederation.325–540 sq. ft.$3000Canadian War Museum