Michelle Watson, Managing Director
Photo credit: T. Futcher

Managing Director, Michelle Watson

Starting out as curator of a living history site, Michelle got to know her way around a wood stove and a butter churn, not to mention a budget spreadsheet. With over eighteen years of experience in the museum and heritage sector, Michelle has also spent time creating virtual exhibits, rehousing a textile collection and developing children’s programming.

Michelle then began promoting a small fleet of travelling exhibitions and consequently honed her understanding of the mid-size museum market. She often wished to have access to a website that served as a central hub where museum professionals could browse for exhibits with the same ease that we all come to expect when looking for a product online. This led to the launch of the Culture Trove Travelling Exhibit database in 2015. The database of listings remains a key service for an ever-expanding membership. Now offering additional services to a range of museums and heritage organizations, her focus is to ensure that travelling exhibitions gain maximum exposure to audiences across North America.

Michelle is a graduate of Trent University with an Honours BA in Anthropology and English and among the alumni of Fleming College’s Museum Management and Curatorship program. When not coordinating exhibitions or tweaking a website, Michelle enjoys cooking, cycling, and listening to the chatter of her backyard chickens (which are a heritage breed, of course).



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