Microsculpture presents the insect collection of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History like never before. The result of collaboration between the Museum and photographer Levon Biss, this series of beautifully lit, high magnification portraits captures the microscopic form of insects in striking large format and high-resolution detail.

The evolutionary process of natural selection should account for all this wonderful diversity of microstructures, but for many species their specific adaptive function is still unknown. By observing insects in the wild, studying museum collections, and developing new imaging techniques we will surely learn more about these fascinating creatures and close the gaps in our current understanding.

The nature of Microsculpture allows for a wide range of targeted events and activities. The Microsculpture series provides a focal point for a number of educational subjects including art, science and biology, providing a perfect venue for school events and adult learning sessions.


Languages: English
Rental Cost: Under $20,000 (USD)
Shipping Cost: Contact for details
Insurance: Additional
Minimum Rental Period: Negotiable
Size: Under 5000 sq ft / 465 sq m
Availability: as required
Security Level: Moderate
Number of Crates: variable, contact for details.
Total Crated Weight: variable, contact for details.
Original Objects:
Special Requirements: Flexible layout, 27 images currently available for hire as an exhibition; some of the images are suitable to be shown outside.They range in size from 1.5m to 3m in height. There are currently 34 images in the Microsculpture series. Host galleries are able to select images (minimum 15 images) and print to whatever size they require. There is a minimum size requirement of 1m for all images. Detailed printing specifications can be provided on request.
Supplementary Materials:

Press: http://microsculpture.net/


For more information, please contact:

Lending Organization: Levon Biss
Contact Person: Emma Parker
Telephone: +44-020-3653-0896
Email: emma@parkerharris.com
Website: https://parkerharris.co.uk