Play Hard, Fight Hard / Jouer ferme, lutter ferme

Play Hard, Fight Hard: Sport and the Canadian Military is a groundbreaking exhibit created in partnership between The Military Museums in Calgary and Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. Exploring the relationship between sports and military service, dating back to the First World War, over 75 artefacts across fourteen sports are represented. The personal stories of honoured members from the Hall of Fame that proudly served in multiple branches of the military are featured throughout. Programs such as Soldier On–which uniquely combines military service with athletics–is also highlighted.


Il s’agit d’une exposition unique créée grâce à un partenariat entre les Musées militaires de Calgary et le Panthéon des sports canadiens. On y explore la relation entre les sports et le service militaire, relation qui remonte à la Première Guerre mondiale. On y trouve également plus de 75 artefacts liés à quatorze sports et on y décrit l’histoire de militaires honorés par le Panthéon des sports canadiens qui ont servi dans l’une ou l’autre des éléments des Forces armées. D’autres programmes, tel que Sans limites, qui conjuguent de manière unique le service militaire et les prouesses athlétiques, sont également mis en vedette dans cette nouvelle exposition. Sans limites est une initiative des Services de bien-être et moral des Forces canadiennes qui aide les militaires en service actif et les anciens combattants à surmonter leurs blessures physiques ou leurs problèmes de santé mentale grâce à des activités physiques et sportives.

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Languages: English & French

Costs: $2000 for a minimum 12 weeks rental + one-way shipping and insurance.

Size: 1000 sq. ft. recommended to display full exhibit.

Additional notes: flexible layout, borrowers have the option to omit certain segments of the exhibit and/or include items from their own collections. Mannequins are included, but the borrower must supply their own display cases (up to 14, with an average size of 2 ft. by 4 ft. to accommodate artefacts from all the sports represented).

Availability: 2019 and beyond. View calendar below: dates highlighted in red indicate confirmed bookings.

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Step 1: Contact  us to inquire about current availability and a quote for transportation costs:

Michelle Watson, Travelling Exhibition Coordinator

For general inquiries related to exhibit content:

Rory M. Cory, Senior Curator/Director of Collections

Step 2: Provide a recently completed facility report (following a recognized, accepted standard such AAM’s. A report template will be provided upon request).

Step 3: Upon approval of the facility report, a contract will be supplied to the borrower. The rental period and all associated costs for the exhibit will be finalized at this time. The borrowing venue’s signing authority and organizer(s) will review and return a signed contract along with a deposit to confirm the booking.

Step 4: Confirmed venues will receive access to marketing and educational programming materials to assist with their planning and promotions.