Primordial Shift

Primordial Shift

Primordial Shift is an installation dealing with the implications of genetic modification of corn. It consists of 32 hand-blown glass ears of corn averaging 4′ high suspended on stalks of cast bronze and blown glass, tethered with rope from the ceiling combined with audio and video projected as a backdrop to create an illusion of gentle swaying in the field.

The creative force behind the project is Mick Meilahn, who like others of his generation, learned glassmaking as a university student in Wisconsin in the 1970’s, and subsequently participated in the wave that became The American Studio Glass Movement. In the 20th Century, a paradigm shift occurred in genetics, when scientists discovered how to unravel genetic code; the genetic code itself, DNA; and the commodification of GMOs and implications for consumers.

Meilahn’s installations are about the fragility of glass and genetic modification. His installations afford museum patrons the opportunity to experience the story of corn, its production, and agriculture from the perspective of this unique and amazingly talented and visionary artist.

Languages: English
Rental Costs: Priced According to Duration of Display
Shipping Costs: Additional
Insurance: Additional
Minimum Rental Period: 8 weeks
Size: Under 5,000 sq ft / 465 sq m
Availability: 2022 and beyond
Security Level: Medium
Number of Crates:
Total Crated Weight:
Original Objects:  32 hand-blown glass ears of corn each averaging 4′ tall suspended by a synthetic cord on stalks with leaves cast of bronze, plus projected video to create an illusion of gentle swaying in the field, plus title and didactic panels
Special Requirements: approximately 30’x30′ with a 16′ or higher ceiling, and walls dark enough for video to be projected to vividly
Supplementary Materials: Includes exhibition DVD containing registration, retail sales, press, and education information, plus installation video in which the artist himself explains how to install and de-install the sculpture.

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