Culture Trove can provide support to your existing exhibition management team, or serve as your team. Contact us to discuss your project.

Direct Marketing and Promotion

Whether your aim is to get a new tour off the ground, or to otherwise “fill in the gaps” in an existing schedule, we can offer a customized plan of action.

Culture Trove is well-versed in the needs of mid-size museums, from both sides of the travelling exhibit coin. Thanks to a sizeable client database, we can help exhibit promoters quickly identify appropriate venues. Likewise, we communicate regularly with museum decision makers, keeping them in the know about upcoming exhibits that would be of interest to both their public and stakeholders.

We offer bespoke promotional services, by first learning about your exhibition in depth, and then creating a direct marketing campaign delivered via telephone, email and print. We’ll develop a polished message and marketing package suitable for attracting the right venues.

Exhibition Tour Management

We love to work with clients in helping to keep an exhibit “out there” in the public eye — not sitting in storage. After all, an exhibit is meant to be seen, and thus our mission: to ensure exhibitions fulfil their potential to educate and inspire.

Our tour coordination services include soliciting bookings, and then working with venues to handle the subsequent administration and scheduling of transportation — and ultimately keep your tour running smoothly. This is particularly helpful for exhibit providers that are museums without a dedicated department for the management of their travelling exhibitions. Culture Trove can be that team required to make your exhibit’s tour a success.

Exhibition Tour Planning & Consulting

Travelling exhibitions consist of a lot of moving parts, and it’s vital to be well-informed. Over the years, we have seen what works, and enjoy passing on that knowledge to clients.

Contact us to review your plan, even in the very early stages. By ensuring the exhibit is clearly defined in terms of space, environmental controls, crating and transportation requirements, we’ll then help you identify the potential venues best suited to host the exhibition based on those requirements. Moving forward, you can continue to develop the exhibition to appeal to the greatest number of venues that are both capable and most likely to book the show.

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