Speaking of Democracy

Speaking of Democracy

In April 2019, the Lieutenant Governor launched an exhibition entitled Speaking of Democracy in the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite at Queen’s Park, and online. The exhibition was a response to the observation that both here at home and abroad, many were starting to express concerns about the fragility of democracy; and equally of its various and foundational institutions.

The exhibition is designed to engage Ontarians in conversation about significant and timely issues. We ask: Are we taking democracy for granted? What is democracy all about? How has it evolved? What institutions underpin it – duly elected legislatures and their executives, the judiciary, the media, and civil society? Do they need to change? Where is there room for innovation? In these rapidly changing times, is it important to maintain and support democracy?

The exhibition is fully bilingual and is composed of 28 quotes by historic and contemporary sources and individuals exploring these issues.


Languages: English, French
Rental Cost: Free, within Canada
Shipping Cost: Included
Insurance: Additional
Minimum Rental Period: 4 weeks
Size: Under 1,000 sq ft / 93 sq m
Availability: April 2022 and beyond
Security Level: Low
Number of Crates: 8
Total Crated Weight:
Original Objects: The display consists of eight (8) double-sided retractable banners which measure 4 ft x 6.5 ft (1.2 m x 2 m) each. This exhibition can be adapted to small or large spaces.
Supplementary Materials: Pamphlets for distribution in any quantity requested by the exhibitor and a limited number of more in-depth books about the exhibition.


For more information, please contact:

Lending Organization: Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario |
Bureau de la Lieutenante-Gouverneure de l’Ontario
Contact Person: Eugene Berezovsky, Manager, Event Operations |
Chef, gestion des activités spéciales
Email: Eugene.berezovsky@ontario.ca
Website: https://www.lgontario.ca/en/travelling-exhibition-application/