Trailblazing: Women in Canada since 1867

Trailblazing: Women in Canada since 1867

Trailblazing: Women in Canada Since 1867 tells of perseverance, determination, successes and failures. For visitors of all ages, it probes topics that hold particular relevance for social groups and ethnic communities whose history and stories may not have been previously told in a museum setting.

Attaining the vote was just one moment in a long history of women’s achievements in Canada. Learn about the accomplishments of hundreds of remarkable women, often overlooked, such as Hide Hyodo Shimizu (a teacher who organized a school system in British Columbia’s Japanese internment camps during the Second World War) and Shelia Watt-Cloutier (Nobel Peace Prize nominee in 2007). Through the themes of Work, Education, Body, Politics, and Violence Against Women, the exhibit explores 150 years of women’s issues in Canada, with each thematic area including historic and contemporary narratives, multimedia presentations and artefacts. Their stories are sure to inspire.

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The Exploration Place – Prince George, BC
January 18 – April 16, 2020

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September to December, 2020

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Summer, 2022

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Fall, 2022

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