The Water Lilies of Light

The Water Lilies of Light

Image above: “The Dance of the Light”, oil on canvas, by Laurence Saunois

The Nympheus Luminansis, the Water Lilies of Light, is a series of ten square and double-square paintings based on the theme so dear to Monet: the water lilies of Giverny. The intent of the artist, Laurence Saunois, which was formerd out of sheer inspiration, was to offer viewers the opportunity to experience nature’s magic, through the impression of the light, which illuminates her paintings. The experience creates a visual sensation akin to being drenched by color illuminated by sun beams piercing the clouds, and brought to life by the interplay of shadows and light. Together, the paintings in her series place viewers on the line between art and nature, causing them to become one through this experience.

Born in 1966 near Paris, Laurence Saunois has always loved drawing. At 17, her mother decided to enroll her in the Beaux Arts de Paris. Her artistic file was accepted. Unfortunately, she was not 18 years old and her administrative file was refused. For 10 years, she did not touch a pencil. One Christmas day, a friend gave her an oil painting box, a canvas and some brushes. It was a revelation. She discovered color and the pleasure of painting. In 2007, she decided to make her passion her profession.

She continues to exhibit in the USA and in many other countries. In 2010, she is elected International Artist of the Year at the prestigious BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year contest. She became a member of the International Guild of Realism in the USA and of the Taylor Foundation in France. The Art Renewal Center, the largest figurative art organization in the world, awarded her the title of Associate Living Master. Since then, she has never ceased to highlight the beauty of nature through her work.


Download the 4-page PDF Prospectus for Nympheus Luminansis (in English)
Download the 4-page PDF Prospectus for Nympheus Luminansis (en français)


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