Worthy: The History of the RCAC

Worthy: The History of the RCAC

Worthy: The History of the RCAC delivers a comprehensive account of the formation and history of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps, from its roots in armoured car units in the First World War to contemporary full-fledged main battle tank regiments.

Using detailed bilingual text and a wealth of historic imagery, ‘Worthy’ explores the key vehicles and figures, namely Major-General Frederic Frank Worthington, that moulded the RCAC’s identity as a branch of the Canadian Armed Forces and have made it a cornerstone of Canada’s military and peacekeeping engagements.

Available in 11 roll-up freestanding panels, ‘Worthy’ is highly portable and easy to install, making it a convenient and substantial addition to any venue wishing to exhibit the history of Canada’s armoured forces.


Languages: English, French
Rental Cost: under $5000 USD
Shipping Cost: Please contact for quote
Insurance: Additional
Minimum Rental Period: 4 weeks
Size: Under 1,000 sq ft / 93 sq m with flexible layout
Availability: 2022 and beyond
Security Level: Low
Number of Crates: 
Total Crated Weight:
Original Objects:
Supplementary Materials:


For more information, please contact:

Lending Organization: The Ontario Regiment Museum
Contact Person: Sam Richardson, Assistant Curator
Email: info@ontrmuseum.ca
Website: https://www.ontrmuseum.ca/tankmuseum/contact-us/